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Welcome to Cowork Btown Blogging!

Welcome to the new Cowork Btown blog!  This has been one of those long overdue items on our todo list and we're really excited to start blogging about everything that goes on in our space and community! We've move our site over to a platform that will allow us to update our content more often and spread the word about our amazing community and space.

What to look for

Things are always changing and improving at Cowork so we'll post important news as it comes up. 

Another big part of the blog will be talking about our amazing members. We're going to start with at least a couple member spotlight posts each month. Some months may have more and others less. We'll also share more about our sponsors.

We also host lots of events so we'll talk about those leading up to the events and post photos and wrap-ups after each event happens.

Those are the main points but who knows what else might make it's way on to the blog!

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