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Life in Bloomington

At the Cowork Btown office you'll find a great mix of professionals. Our community is made up of "townies", IU transplants, IU spouses and even several that have moved here on their own accord. The differences continue to grow when looking at everyone's professions, lifestyles, hobbies and interests. The one thing that is a constant similarity is everyones love for living in Bloomington. This theme is not unique to Cowork Btown, it is echoed throughout the city that is made up of a very diverse and unique population which makes for a great place to call home. 

Inspired by an amazing coworking space in Greenville, we're kicking off an open source project called Life in Bloomington. I first discovered the site Life in Greenville a couple years ago. They did such an amazing job of giving their story of life in Greenville a personal touch. Since discovering the site and becoming consumed by it's content I've always had the feeling that Greenville is an amazing place even though I've never been there. It's feels like I'm talking to a friend who lives in Greenville. They cut out all the typical "best places to live" info and tell the story of why they love their life there. They've made it personal.

So, we plan on making our own version of this site, with a Bloomington twist of course. This website is a way for Cowork Btown's Community and those who want to contribute to give back to a city we love.

Who Can Contribute?

Although this is a Cowork Btown project this will be an open source project. So anyone who loves Bloomington is invited to contribute. There are many ways to contribute to make this project better, here are a few:

  • Help out with development. The project is already on github.
  • Are you a designer? Designs can always be improved so join in and help make it better!
  • Do you have great photos or videos of the Bloomington area? A website like this is nothing without great photos.
  • We've created a quick survey that is 3-ish questions that will help us fill the site up with content that is just as diverse as the city of Bloomington!
  • We have plans to make some content feeds from social networks like tagged Instagram photos.

There is probably more that you can help with that we've not even thought of so always feel free to reach out to us.

There will of course be a credits page for all those who help.

Let's get started

Here's a few ways you can start contributing right now:

  1. Filling out our survey. It's a short form and it's really a fun exercise to run through all the best parts of Bloomington from you're point of view.
  2. Let us know in the survey how you'd like to help.
  3. Share the survey with any fellow Bloomington folks.
  4. Start following our github project so you'll see all the development work as we start to build things out and contribute if you can.
  5. Follow this blog and our twitter account for updates.

We'll be posting update about the project here as we make progress. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with ideas, questions or comments. 

In the meantime, enjoy your life in Bloomington.