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We're changing our Supporter Plan

Over the past year our plans have gone through a couple rounds of adjustments. With each change we feel like we are better serving the needs of our members and community.  

Starting today we'd like to make better use of our supporter plan. Our supporter plan has always been a free way to stay on our mailing list and access to Cobot to pay for day passes. With the ability to buy a day straight from our website this is no longer needed.  

Moving forward our supporter membership will be $16/month. This will give you access to the following: 

Plan Details

  • Two day passes per month
  • You'll be on our members email list so you'll be in the loop about all things Cowork Btown related.
  • You will have access to our Slack chat room which is an instant link into our community.
  • Access to members only events!

For non members we will still offer day passes for $12 and as always your first day is always free!

We hope this new plan will allow those who want to join our community but just don't need a full or even part time membership to still be a part of our community. Also getting to drop by monthly, be on the members mailing list and chat on slack will keep you very connected. 

Forrest FowlerComment