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Member Spotlight - Tyler Henke

Tyler Henke

Cofounder of Yellow and Cowork Btown

We are kicking of a new blog series that will spotlight the amazing people that make Cowork Btown so awesome!

To get things started I (Aaron White, Cofounder of Cowork Btown) thought it be great to start with one of our other Cofounders Tyler Henke!

Tyler is one half of the very talented Yellow Team. They builds software for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. Tyler wears many hats but primarily leads design for the duo.

Tyler has also been a huge driving force to make Cowork Btown what it is today. Never satisfied and always looking for ways to improve he's often responsible for the drastic and always awesome overnight changes.

2014-07-25 08.30.58.jpg

4 Questions with Tyler

Where are you from?  Bloomington, IN

What is your favorite Btown restaurant?  Mama's (Korean) Restaurant

What do you like to do in your free time?  Sports, beer, friends, travel, painting Cowork.

Favorite snack/beverage at Cowork Btown:  UEL ZING!