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Member Spotlight - Bess Fernandez

Bess Fernandez

JavaScript all the things!


Bess is one of the OGs at Cowork Btown. I believe she's actually member number 4 or 5 and signed up long before we ever had a space!

Bess is self described as a super front-end engineer with a heart of coffee gold. This is spot on! She's a great person to have around for any JS questions. She also helped get our coffee club started and continues to make that a success. 

Bess blogs about code on her website.

4 Questions with Bess

Where are you from?  

Middletown, RI


What is your favorite Btown restaurant?  



What do you like to do in your free time?  

Practice my dance moves. Cook. Write. Garden things. Explore town and wave at everyone I see.


Favorite snack/beverage at Cowork Btown: