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Member Spotlight - Adam Quirk

Adam Quirk

Co-Founder of a spirits distillery, opening in Bloomington later this year

Adam is self described as a modern caveman philosopher. Equally comfortable in deep woods and big city. He enjoys storytelling and loves having cocktails with friends.

Learn more about Adam's distillery, Cardinal Spirits.

Learn more about Adam on his website, follow him on twitter, or read his blog with friends.

4 Questions with Adam

Where are you from?  

Evansville via NYC, but Bloomington is home since 2010.


What is your favorite Btown restaurant?  

Uptown or No Coast Reserve or Little Tibet or FARM or Scholars Inn or Finch's or...


What do you like to do in your free time?  

Camping in a state park, small-scale farming or large-scale gardening, cooking things, Wednesday night soccer, binge-watching documentaries with my wife, Trivial Pursuit with friends.


Favorite snack/beverage at Cowork Btown:  

Uel Zing