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Everything You Need to Know at Cowork


View the "Everything You Need to Know at Cowork" Google doc here:

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A few FAQs, for more, see the doc. 

  • How can my guest pay for their pass?
  • Can I bring my pet to Cowork?
    • Sorry - but no pets allowed. We would love it if everyone could bring their pets every day, but Cowork will turn into a zoo. We have occasionally allowed pets in the past, but everyone has a different idea of what “well-behaved” means and we don’t like hurting feelings by banning specific pets.
  • Can I bring my kid to Cowork?
    • While we would love to offer childcare facilities, Cowork is just not setup to support having kids around at this time. Members occasionally have their teenage children stick around for an hour or two between school and sports, etc. and this is OK barring any disruptive activity.
  • How do I book a conference room?
    • Log in a
    • Select "Conference Rooms" in the top menu
    • Select "Book Now", choose your date, room, and time
    • If you'd like to cancel your booking later, use the "My Bookings" menu from the upper right drop down.